Analyze your Android application

Penetration testing tool to help you analyze possible vulnerabilities in your native Android application.

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All the features you need

AppSnooper has everything you need to analyze your native applications.

Pull an application from device

It enables you to choose between opening a local application file or pulling one directly from a connected device.

Rebuild an application

Allows you to assemble already decompiled applications to test Resource or Smali changes and verify your hypotheses.

Application code preview

Allows you to preview the decompiled Java and the option to edit Smali and resources.

Extract application data

Download the data directory for an application from the selected device.

Find token patterns

Pattern detection helps you find tokens such as Bearer, UUID, PGP, etc.

Bypass Permission

When rebuilding automatically grants all permissions required by the application.

Global Search

It empowers you to search through the files for a query defined by you.

Protocol handling

Test the way the applications handle links and protocols.

Local APKs

It enables you to analyze APKs from your local storage.


Customize the filling of AppSnooper by picking an accent color.